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Gold and silver jewelry is always in style. Come in and check out our selection of vintage and southwest jewelry.  Rings in all sizes, pendants, chains and bracelets.  You just never know what treasures you might find in this wide collection of Turquoise, sterling and gemstone goodies.

Turquoise, Coral and silver. Hopi, Navajo and Zonie. We have a wide range of Native American rings in all sizes and era's.

Crosses, crosses and more crosses. Silver and Turquoise, semi-precious stones. A cross for all occasions.

Check out our wide selection of vintage bracelets all in sterling silver with Turquoise and Coral.

Vintage unique bracelets and more bracelets.. Come in and check out our unique collection of sterling bangles as these go fast.

Sterling silver new and vintage rings in all sizes and types.

Gem stone, sterling necklaces.

Larimar, sterling and gemstone necklaces and pendants.

BOHO rings for every taste.

In all styles and shapes, these bracelets and cuffs are beautiful

Different ages of Native American cuff are just the right accessory for any outfit.

Vintage... Vintage, Vintage Cuffs from the 30's. Don't miss these great gold and silver cuffs

Turquoise, Larimar, coral and Lapis are only a few of the high grade stones Incorporated in theses beautiful bracelets.

Vintage Native American and Turquoise pendants and necklaces.

Native American feathers, squash blossoms and many other styles and types.

Southwest and Native American necklaces.

Make a wish, and if its for gold, we have a beautiful selection to help satisfy your dream.

Gold and Turquoise. These are too beautiful to last for long.

10K, 14K, 18K even a little 22K  gold jewelry. Come in and check out our selection of chains and earrings.

Southwest, Native American silver rings.

Vintage gold and silver gem stone cocktail rings and more.