"Big Ed Says"

December 5, 2019

BY Perry Conrad: Interpreting for "Big Ed"

"Big Ed" and I just wish to welcome you all to our new blog for Smoke-N-Guns.

The "Big Ed" blog features educational and entertaining articles covering a variety of topics written with all gun enthusiasts in mind with engaging stories and news every gun owner, shooter or want-to-be should read. We will also be adding interesting tidbits from local shooters, rifle and handgun reviews, and a few special discounts and resources for local and online shooting enthusiasts.

Here at Smoke –N- Guns we offer knowledgeable and entertaining advice on all things guns and shooting and have since 1997 with a lot of gun store humor thrown in.. We know Guns! So step in and get expert advice from the valleys leading authorities on gun values, gun prices, gun history, shooting and black powder. Let us help you with all of your firearm needs.

Come in and experience a real old time gun store where customer service is what we do.

Now just for fun I’m going to let Ed talk……. “Probably a BIG mistake…..”

"Ed says," I’ve been greeting and hanging out at Smoke-N-Guns for better than 20 years now. Heard a lot of stuff you might like to hear and a lot of stuff you won’t ever... hear. What happens at Smoke-N-Guns stays at Smoke-N-Guns unless I decide it doesn’t.

Perry, the so called, Big Kahuna, Ole Joe and Little John all have their own take on what happens around here, but I’ve been around longer than any of them so…. Ifen ya want the straight stuff, listen to Big Ed for a good chuckle and more.

Lately I have seen some great guns come through this here door, knives too, not to mention some beautiful silver and gold jewelry. So come on in for some "smokin" deals and don't forget the wampum card.  Heeeee... I have such wooden humor. Don't forget to check out all of our great Christmas specials!!!!