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Longest owned and operated, best customer service, old time gun store in the Verde Valley!

No More Limited hours! We are back to full time! 

9MM is in as well as 380 and all other calibers! So stop on in and check out all the new targets and knives!

Due to the high turnover of firearms due to the virus... and -----, we will not be listing what is in the shop at the moment. Come in and check out what is in stock or let us help you find what you are looking for!

Just clink a link to see a sampling of our guns and goods!

Offered Services at SMOKE - N - GUNS

Estate Estimates 

Sometimes we are left with guns or knives from a loved one. Here at Smoke - N - Guns we can help with identifying your items whether old or new. If you find yourself in need of a appraisal quote, sales help from a licensed dealer or consignment, stop in and speak with Perry.  We have many options to help you get the best money for your collection.

Depending on your needs Perry is always open to helping you get the information you need.

Ordering for you

If we don't have the gun you want, we are more than happy to order it from one of our wholesale dealers. We charge a transfer fee of $45 . Find one online and have it shipped in. We are a licensed dealer and happy to have your firearm sent to us for pickup and a background check.


 Smoke - N - Guns has a great selection of guns on consignment. This is a great choice for those needing to sell a gun or are just looking for a great buy. We are always looking for consignment guns, so bring them in and we will work with you to get them sold and some cash in your pocket. Check out our selection and see if we have that special gun you have been looking for for years.


Loved the owners of this place , very knowledgeable and they have stories that will go on for hours. Lots of cool things to look at when you go in. Kind of a wild west gun shop.

Brenda "Erzulie" B.

While Smoke n Guns does not price match WalMart or Big 5, it is an old style gun store and Perry is more knowledgeable than most at Walmart or Big 5.
       Unlike WalMart they do not refuse to sell something because it is not politically correct.

Reed M.

I have bought and sold with Smoke-n-guns for years. I have had great experiences with all transactions. GREAT CALENDARS ALSO.

                                    Dennis Scheall


"Big Ed Says"

Here at the store sometimes we get asked whether it is worth buying a new gun rather than a good looking used gun. There is never a one answer fits all to that question. As I…

"Big Ed Says"

"Big Ed" and I just wish to welcome you all to our new blog for Smoke-N-Guns. The "Big Ed" blog features educational and entertaining articles covering a variety of topics…


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Phone: (928) 634-3216

Smoke - N - Guns

322 South Main Street

Cottonwood, AZ



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About Smoke - N - Guns

Smoke N- Guns  -  Perry Conrad Owner

          Perry has owned and operated Smoke-N-Guns for over 20 years in the same location.

Perry has been interested in firearms for over 60 years and bought his first .22 caliber Mossberg at age 10 with money he earned from his paper route and working in his mothers restaurant. His early training was shortly after purchasing the rifle. The training was offered at the American Legion by former Marines who gave beginning classes in the Legion hall. They used the dance floor with targets and backstops under the stage.
Perry has participated in competition shooting in the past and has been a firearms safety trainer and shooting instructor with N.R.A. range master credentials along with other certifications.
Perry is always willing to give information about your firearms with regard to what it is and the current value both retail and wholesale if desired.
Smoke-N-Guns will consign firearms for customers and will always special order anything not in stock
The main focus is customer satisfaction. 


Established in 1999.

Smoke-N-Guns has a revolving selection of new and used firearms, the best selection of ammunition in the Verde Valley as well as anything you need for the shooting sport. We also stock muzzle loading supplies such as percussion caps, powder, round balls, etc.
We are always ready to serve our customers in any way we can.
If what you want is not in stock we will happily try to order it for you from one of our many distributors.
We buy firearms from one to entire collections and we will always give you an honest appraisal of your items value whether you intend to sell it or not.
Bring in Gramp's old firearm just to see what it's worth today.
We want our customers to feel that they were treated as good or better than anywhere else they have shopped.
We look forward to helping our community in any way we can and always try to contribute in whatever way we are able. 

Not just your everyday gun store!

Smoke -N - Guns now carries a large selections of vintage & estate gold and silver jewelry. Here you will find a great selection of  vintage, Native American and other era pieces ranging from the 40's through the 90's.  

Silver is always 20% off.

Also included in our new finds is a wide selection of smoking memorabilia and antiques and yes we still carry cigars. There is a little something here for everyone. If you haven't checked us out lately, stop in and discover a new treasure always at a reasonable price.

If you can't find it in the store, check out some of our online Partners