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We have a large selection of calibers in stock with no limits on most. Come check it out and browse our Ammo sale of the week!

Ammo, Snake Shot, and Shot shells.

It's getting warm out and here comes the rodents and snakes. Be prepared! We have snake shot in most calibers in stoke and ready to take care of the problem

We have most calibers in stock! We now carry loose CCI or Blazer in a lot of the most common calibers. Come in and bag your own and save a lot!

Remington express buckshot. 12 GA. 3" 00 Buck 5 round box

Reg. $20.95 now on sale!

$9.95 as long as they last.

300 Win Mag above and 45-70 below

All calibers handgun shot shells

300 WSM above and

444 and 450 Marlin below

32 Winchester Special caliber´╗┐

32 S&W and 32 S&W long

Winchester30 luger and Fiochhi 38S&W Short

38 Short Colt