"Big Ed Says"

December 19, 2019

BY Perry Conrad: Interpreting for "Big Ed"

Come on by and pick up some ammo for Christmas. nothing says I Love You like a few boxes of ammo in his or her stocking.  Christmas special of 10% off all ammo purchases. Also, cases quantities of ammo for 25% above wholesale plus tax and shipping of $10.00 prepaid.  Smoking deals at Smoke-N-Guns.

A young feller came by the other day. He wanted a new magazine for his gun. the boss asked him what kind of gun it was and he said, "I don't know the name of it but it's kind of small." Boss makes " that look" and says ok. what caliber is it? 9mm the guy answers, hoping to find one. Boss tells him we have about 20 magazines for 9mm guns but we must know the make and model to help him, don't necessarily need to see it but need to know what it is to be able to help. Guy left then came back with a nice little Bersa thunder and the boss helped him out right away with a new magazine. 

last week we located a Remington magazine tube inner works for a 60-year-old Remington .22 semi-automatic rifle. That was a find.

I just stand out here and hear everything and say nothing like now.

More later.